This is the story of the Butlers’ and Mulletts’ families from the end of the 19th century to the present day. Of course, the surnames will change as they do in most families when there are mainly female children. In the following pages you will find odd snippets, facts and pictures, not just about the people but about the times and places in which they lived. Some will be just nostalgia, some historical and some might even be controversial depending on the degree of political correctness that may be current at the time of reading, but it will be as accurate as I can make it. And why the name of the website? Simply, it is named after the house that Joseph Mullett, my grandfather, had built in Dudley called “Four Winds”. This house also gave its name to a small housing estate below it.
Thanks to Vicki’s Photoshop skills, I will be adding edited pictures alongside some of the older ones to show what people may have looked like had colour photography been available or commonplace.

My name is Jeremy Butler (known to most as Jerry) and currently the author of this website. I decided to create it so that in future, my descendants and other members of our family can find out a little of what their ancestors were up to way back when. It is my hope that future generations will add to this site to create a permanent record of events and memories. Needless to say it is likely to get quite convoluted as time goes on, but it is a starting point at least. Anyway, by the time it gets that convoluted I shall probably be looking at it from a different location 🙂

I thought I ought to start with a very simple family tree that puts some of the following pages into perspective. This tree starts with my grandparents who were born in the late 1800s and finishes in the 1970s. From then it spreads out, so will appear on individual pages to keep things as simple as possible (for me at least).

As time progresses I will add more information to the pages/site. I didn’t realise when I started this project how much it involved but it has been fun finding out!


If you want to contact me with any information or questions, please use the following email address: