20th July 1888 – 19th March 1977

Beatrice was born on Friday, July 20th1888 to her parents, Joseph and Anna (always known as Annie). Her father, Joseph, was a vice maker but nothing is known at this time about her mother. Joseph was declared to be a whitesmith in the 1911 census.

Annie Perry

No photograph of Joseph Perry at this time

Beatrice had five siblings, Florence, James, Charles Joseph, Anne and Edward. Florence died when she was only 19 years old. I believe James died in Aberavon in 1912 aged 23.

Beattie’s sister Florence

Painting of Florence Perry

Very little is known of Beatrice’s early life as I have no other information other than some photographs which will appear in the Gallery at a later date. Later in life she preferred to be known as Beatty or Beattie.

There was always a joke in the family that she was a bit like the Queen in having more than one birthday. Her death certificate states her birthday as 20th July 1888 whereas her medical card has a different date, 21st June 1889. The latter is more likely to be accurate as that ties in with her age on her marriage certificate, 27 years old and she would be 28 years old a week later. However, she always said that her mother said her birthday was on 20th July.

She married Joseph Mullett on Friday, 8th June 1917. According to he rmarriage certificate, her father’s occupation at the time of her marriage was a vice maker and Beatrice, a munitions works hand. Her husband, Joe, was a corporal in the A.S.C. at the time and was listed as an art metal worker. Sometime later, she became a clerk.

Beatrice aged about 30

In 1965, we were living at 21A Durham Road, Wigmore, Kent. In Cambridge Road, a road running parallel to Durham Road, a murder took place. The victim was a widow, Mrs Florence Lewis. As there were very few clues as to who committed the murder, everyone in the area was fingerprinted, presumably for elimination. My friends and I believed we knew who the murderer was, a local lad who was in the army, and the murder is still unsolved to this day.

Beatty’s Fingerprints

Beattie Mullett passed away in Wigmore from hardening of the arteries on Saturday 19th March 1977, aged 88.

Annie Perry
Annie Perry