26th January 1952 –

Michael (Mike) was born on Saturday 26th January 1952 in Dudley to his parents, Doug and José Butler. At the time, they were living at 152, Oakham Road, Dudley and his father, Doug, was a teacher.

Doug and José Butler

When Mike was 1 year old, the family moved to Kent. During his early childhood, he suffered with breathing problems through his nose. This resulted in 9 operations in 8 visits to All Saints Hospital in Chatham. This hospital has long since been closed and the area re-developed.

When Mike left school, he joined Mackays The Printer as an apprentice. Once he had completed the apprenticeship , he became a compositor. Later, he became a print buyer for BT. He said that this was a pretty stressful job made more so by the fact that he had to reapply for his post annually.

Schools Mike attended

Fairview Junior School, Drewery Drive, Wigmore, 1959 – 1961
Queen Elizabeth II Coronation School, Benghazi, Libya 1961-1962
Upbury Manor Secondary School
Norwich University