29th April 1922 – 17th April 1945

Norman Greville was born to his parents, Lawson and Sarah Ann (her preferred name) on Saturday, 29th April 1922 and was baptised on 21st May 1922. At that time they were living at The Bulls Head Inn, Bull Street, Brierley Hill. The Bulls Head Inn closed in 2015 and is unlikely to re-open.

Lawson and Annie’s Wedding Day
The Bulls Head Inn

I don’t know much about Norman’s early life but he enlisted in the RAF on 20th December 1940 to be trained as a pilot. He was described on his record as being 5’9″ tall, with fair hair and blue eyes and apparently had a scar over his left eyebrow. Prior to joining up, he gave his occupation as a ‘Tailoring Salesman’.

On Saturday 21st February 1942, Norman married Canadian born Gloria Doris Louise Wainwright while he was stationed in Canada. As I understand it, he had not got permission from the RAF at that time.

Norman Butler
Norman & Gloria

Flt Lieutenant Norman Butler, together with Flt Sergeant F Robson (his navigator), was killed when the Mosquito he was flying crashed into trees shortly after take off from Kumbhirgram, Assam. They were both in 47 Squadron.
I have recently read a book by Jeremy Walsh “Mosquito Intruder Pilot” that mentioned that by this time spares were hard to obtain for these aircraft and other stricken aircraft were ‘robbed’ for their parts. Also, the Mosquito tended to overheat if left idling on the ground for too long before taking off. This overheating often caused power loss. This might account for his untimely death.

Cross made by fellow airmen – Silchar Cemetery

Guahati Cemetery

To look at Norman’s war record, please click here.

Norman made this sketch sometime in March or April 1945 with a comment on the bottom “Best ship in any air force”. Sadly it was in a Mosquito like this that his number came up!

As well as sketching, Norman also wrote stories, fiction but some of the details included his own experiences I believe. To read one of his stories, please click on one of the images.

God, my feet are cold ……
He hated flying ……
The atmosphere of Room 7 …..